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Peter Robinson

Macmillan £12.99 hbk

Reviewed by Ali Karim

The latest chapter in the Inspector Banks series from the ex-patriate Yorkshireman, who likes to delve deeply into the dark recesses of the human psyche. After the awful events of 'Aftermath', Banks is trying to recover in Greece. His personal life is also in disarray as his ex-wife is now re-married and expecting a child. His Children are doing their own things, and his lover Cabott has ended their brief affair. Banks's days playing chess in the sun are soon rudely interrupted when the bones of his childhood friend Graham Marshall are discovered in Peterborough. Marshall's disappearance was a pivotal moment in Banks's own adolescence. It may have even been one of the reasons he found himself in a policeman's uniform. Back in the UK, Banks also finds Cabott working a missing persons case - Luke Armitage, teenage son of a dead rock star. Armitage is feared kidnapped but soon the case takes a turn that leads to murder. Alan Banks works both cases, but in reality he is working through this own internal issues triggered by these murdered teenagers. A beautifully written book and for anyone who has not read Peter Robinson, you are missing one of the best psychological mystery series around, if not the best.