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Critical Space

Greg Rucka

Piatkus £17.99

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Reviewed by John Orum

Atticus, Bridget, and their friends have set themselves set up as a security firm. They are good, very good at what they do, but only rise to pre-eminence when they are engaged to act as security for a member of the aristocracy who has a high profile as a charity fundraiser. Of course, when she visits the USA again, she engages them against a stalker. There is a fly in the soup. An assassin. A professional, who abducts their client. Atticus puts his life on the line to free her, only to find himself engaged by the assassin herself. She wants out, but somebody wants her dead, and Atticus is her best hope at staying alive. This is a well told tale with an unusual twist There is some padding, however. The author spends several pages describing Atticus' training regime, which I could have done without, whilst not giving enough attention to the development of the rest of the characters, such as Bridget, Con, or the rest of the team. Greg Rucka has the potential to become a top rank author if he would give more attention to the lesser characters and less to extraneous information which does nothing to add to the development of either plot or character. Satisfactory.

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