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A Clutch of Crime Writers.jpg
A Clutch of Crime Writers
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Ali Karim and John Francombe
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Bob Cornwell and Julian Rathbone
Darley Anderson Martina Cole and Headline MD Martin Neild
Darley Anderson Martina Cole and Headline MD Martin Neild
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Nicci Praca, Simon Kernick, Peter Guttridge, Barry Forshaw & Mark Timlin
Peter Guttridge.jpg
Peter Guttridge
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Peter Tremayne and Geoff Bradley
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Quintin Jardine & Peter Guttridge
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Denise Danks & Mark Timlin

  SHOTS was invited along with a whole host of representatives from the media to celebrate the launch of Headline's crime list. The venue was rocking as the wine and conversation flowed with liquid ease. Amongst those who attended were (and in no particular order and please forgive me if I've left anyone out):
Martina Cole, Martin O'Brien, Paul Doherty, Ann Granger, John Francome, Peter Tremayne, Simon Kernick, Mark Timlin, Peter Guttridge, Quintin Jardine, Laura Wilson, Daphne Wright, Geoff Bradley, Mike Ripley, Barry Forshaw, Laura Wilson, Bob Cornwall, Mike Jecks, Anne Perry and Robert Ryan.

"The whole idea is to celebrate our crime list," explained Lucy Ramsey, Senior Publicity Manager. "We have taken on a number of new authors recently: Brian Freeman, Patrick Quinlan, Louise Penny and have Andrew Nugent, Jed Rubenfeld, Clio Gray and Scott Frost coming up. And authors have awards recently include Martina Cole, for Best Thriller at the Nibbies, Barbara Nadel, the Silver Dagger. And Caroline Graham has been longlisted for the Theakston's Crime Novel of the Year Award at Harrogate for A Ghost in the Machine."

Headline also launched Crime Files to celebrate Headline's 20th year in publishing. To quote: "The company was founded on the bases of great crime and thriller writing. It is a commitment that has carried through every year of Headline's life and now, in 2006, our enthusiasm is as strong as it ever was."

You can obtain your copy of this colour publication by emailing crime-files@headline.co.uk

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Geoff Bradley of CADS copy
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Geoffery Bailey and Anne Perry
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Headline Authors
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Headline Authors2
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Headline Authors3
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Headline Authors5
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Headline Authors7
Headline Evening.jpg
Headline Evening
Headline Party.jpg
Headline Party
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Jane Gregory & Natasha Cooper [Daphne Wright]
John Francombe and Mike Stotter.jpg
John Francombe and Mike Stotter
John Francombe.jpg
John Francombe
Karim Forshaw Timlin and Stotter.jpg
Karim Forshaw Timlin and Stotter
Liz Hatherell-Jane Gregory-Peter Guttridge and Myles Allfrey.jpg
Liz Hatherell, Jane Gregory, Peter Guttridge and Myles Allfrey
Liz Hatherell and Myles Allfrey.jpg
Liz Hatherell and Myles Allfrey
Martina Cole and Denise Danks.jpg
Martina Cole and Denise Danks
Martina Cole and John Francombe.jpg
Martina Cole and John Francombe
Martina Cole and Mike Ripley.jpg
Martina Cole and Mike Ripley
Martina Cole captivated by Creepers.jpg
Martina Cole captivated by Creepers
Mike Jecks and.jpg
Mike Jecks and
Mike Stotter and Agent Friend.jpg
Mike Stotter and Agent Friend
Richard Reynolds & Ann Granger.jpg
Richard Reynolds & Ann Granger
Simon Kernick & Mark Timlin.jpg
Simon Kernick & Mark Timlin
The Two Mikes - Jecks & Stotter.jpg
The Two Mikes - Jecks & Stotter
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Zoe Sharp and Vicki Mellor [Headline Crime Editor]


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