Michael Connelly at Waterstone's, Piccadilly
Michael Connelly at Waterstone's, Piccadilly
Michael Connelly


On Monday 25th September, Michael Connelly was at Waterstone’s, Piccadilly, giving a talk about the latest Harry Bosch book, Echo Park.  The event was held in the Simpson Room and there were around one hundred enthusiastic fans present.  It was the only event that he was doing in the UK to promote the book.


Echo Park is the twelfth book in the series and is dedicated to Michael’s long time editor, Jane Wood at Orion.  He spoke about the whole process of the story and the way in which serendipity played a part when it came to thinking of a storyline.  He said that in this case of Echo Park the storyline stemmed from a meeting that had happened when the police were interviewing a person who had confessed to a number of crimes.


Echo Park also shows Harry Bosch in a new light.  It shows that he is fallible; he finds himself in the position of reinvestigating a case that he did not solve the first time but may have done so if he had handled some of the information in a different way.  Emotional turmoil is also something that Harry has to deal with.


Michael then read a brief passage from Echo Park and took questions from the audience.  Amongst the questions he was asked was whether or not there would be another story featuring Cassie Black, to which he replied that he would like to write about her when the right story came along.  When asked that since Mickey Haller turns out to be Bosch’s half brother, would he consider writing a story with the two of them, to which he replied, “I would if something suitable came along!” Then he was asked whether he would write about Bosch’s early years and what led him to become a police officer; his response was that it looked as if he would be forced to do so.


He also mentioned that The Overlook, the online story that is currently being serialised over fifteen weeks in the New York Times, will be expanded and form the basis of his next Harry Bosh novel.


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