Linwood Barclay

Orion 18.99 / 12.99

Released: February 2010

Reviewer: Keith Miles


Keith Miles is probably best recognised by readers under the pen name of Edward Marston. He writes several well-received historical mysteries spanning the 11th century through to the 19th century. His website is www.edwardmarston.com


Linwood Barclay is a Canadian author who had a huge success with his series featuring Zack Walker, sci fi writer and anxious family man. In his latest novel, Tim Blake, car dealer, is another worried father. His teenage daughter has vanished and her blood has been found on her abandoned car. Losing faith in the police hunt for her, Blake carries out his own frantic search and meets with setbacks at every stage. He is handicapped by a neurotic girlfriend, the truculent husband of his ex-wife and by the man's son who may or may not have impregnated Blake's daughter. When his problems reach the crisis stage, he's horrified to discover that the police think that he may be the prime suspect in the murder of his daughter.


The pace is slow at the start and it remains in first gear for some time. Once the complications kick in, however, the action speeds up and the novel takes on real momentum, accelerating in all sorts of unforeseen directions. A good, tough, gritty thriller that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride and - if you happen to be the father of a teenage daughter - make you wonder just how well you know her.






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