Andrew Gross

Harper Collins £6.99 pbk

Released: March 4th 2010

Reviewer: Ron Ellis


Ron Ellis is the author of the Johnny Ace crime novels set in Liverpool)


Lee Child was right when he said in the blurb that this is a ‘fantastic, automatic must-read’.  

It starts with what appears to be an ordinary burglary except the burglars kill the family. Why? 

Ex-Washington detective, Ty Hauck, has left the force with his reputation sky-high and is now a partner in a global security company.  

The murdered wife is an old and special friend. Her husband is a financier. Ty gets involved in the case and soon uncovers a terrorist threat to the nation that aims at destroying the economy rather than the buildings and people. Furthermore, the people behind it seem to reach into the highest levels of finance and government.         

Assisted by the enigmatic FBI agent, Naomi Blum, Ty follows a trail across America and Europe taking in Belgium, Serbia, Dubai and London knowing that any minute they could themselves be the hunted.         

This is totally topical and, sadly, only too believable story in the light of the world’s current financial meltdown.         

The writing is tight, events move swiftly and the descriptions of the various locations would grace any travel book.         

I now want to read the first three Ty Hauck books as I await the fifth. Highly recommended.






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