Lin Anderson

Hodder & Stoughton £6.99 pbk

Released: 15th April 2010

Reviewer: Ron Ellis

This is one of the best books I have read in ages for creating and maintaining suspense.  

A mother driving home at night crashes her car to avoid a stranger in the road and when she wakes up, she discovers her only passenger, her nine-year-old daughter Emma, is missing.  Police find the child in nearby woods, holding a childís skull and saying ĎHe killed them. They were small like meí. 

Is there a child killer on the loose?

D.S. Michael McNab takes the case and befriends Emma but senses her mother seems to be running away from something.   

Meanwhile, Forensic expert Rhona MacLeod investigates the cause of death of a soldierís body found in a skip and this leads to a gang of Russian criminals.  

This book is effectively a continuation of Lin Andersonís previous fine novel, ĎEasy Killí with Orcadian Professor Magnus Pirie making reappearance. There are developments in the relationships between Rhona, McNab, her pregnant assistant, Chrissy McInsh and her old boss DI Bill Wilson.  

The seamy side of Glasgow is accurately captured, three threads of plot-lines progress skillfully along and Lin Anderson is surely one of Scotlandís leading experts on forensic science.    

In fact, the whole book was gripping until the final chapter. I didnít like the ending. It seemed hurried as if the publishers had given her 24 hours to tie the ends up and finish the book. And the denouement was disappointing to say the least.  

There is always a twist in Lin Andersonís books so Iím hoping to find out in Linís next book that it wasnít, indeed, the end after all.






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