Bill Kitson

Robert Hale Hbk £18.99p

Released: 31st May 2010

Reviewer: Ron Ellis


Ron Ellis is a journalist and author of the Johnny Ace books

Gary Vickers is due out of jail after serving his time for the rape of his lover’s daughter, Stacey, although he has always denied the charge.
Now, he wants to return his hometown village, Helmsdale, where he allegedly committed the crime, although he knows there will be men there seeking their own retribution for Stacey’s death. Hard men. Undeterred, he moves back into his old house to the consternation of DI Mike Nash who realises he needs protection. Worse still, Nash comes to believe Vickers could be innocent so he needs to find the real killer before Vickers can get to him.

But there are other things going on in the village of Helmsdale that are stretching the small police force to the limits. Local politicians seem to be encouraging racist riots against travellers, someone is distributing drugs and an arsonist is loose in the community. Local news reporter JT Tucker is on the case doing his own bit of investigating.

Mike Nash is a great creation. A charming womaniser, he is at odds with his superiors but has a nice line of banter with his own colleagues. He paints a convincing picture of small town life in Yorkshire and the police procedural aspect is totally realistic. The plot moves on at a good pace with all the ends neatly tied up at the finish.

This is the third in the series and I now want to read the first two whilst looking forward to the next.






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