John Grisham

Arrow £.99 pbk

Released: 11th March 2010

Reviewer: Ron Ellis


Ron Ellis is a writer and broadcaster & 'The man with the most jobs in Britain' (The Sun)

Short stories must be back in fashion. Hot on the heels of Jeffrey Archer’s And thereby hands a tale’, here comes John Grisham with his volume of vignettes of the Deep South.

He has a style of writing that draws you immediately into the story and each one offers a fascinating glimpse into the reality of ‘good ole boy’ redneck country.

As somebody who is a big country music fan, I realised on reading these tales that, however much I might like listening to the honky-tonk lyrics, I wouldn’t want to spend much time with any of the people in this book. The words bigots and trailer trash spring to mind.

Having said that, the tales are compelling and all have a legal angle that gives a new perspective to the action and becomes the plot itself. In fact, as you read through the book you come to realise that lawyers get involved in nearly every facet of everybody’s life sooner or later.

An ideal book to take to the beach or read on the train and a perfect buy for enthusiasts of the e-book.






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