Craig Russell

Quercus Hbk £20.00 / Pbk £12.99

Released: 1ST July 2010

Reviewer: Kirstie Long

The Long Glasgow Kiss is the follow up to Craig Russellísí Lennox, revolving around the Private Detective of the same name. Set in Glasgow in the 1950ís, Lennox investigates the death of a bookie and a missing person in two supposedly unrelated cases. A visiting FBI agent adds an additional element to the linked mysteries with the input of the notorious crime bosses the Three Kings providing an extra edge.

Written in a laconic style that infuses the sardonic and dark edges of Lennox to give an insight into the character, the first person narrative leads you through the twists and turns of the plot and the culture of Glasgow in the time period. Whilst not overly complex, the story did provide some surprises and maintained the interest through out.

Whilst I am not convinced that it was strictly historically accurate Ė would the FBI really have been intercontinental then - there were no glaring errors and it made a refreshing difference to feel the characters ease of the lack of communication methods available at that time against the more modern thrillers. Overall an enjoyable read for most and especially those whose preference is the old style PI






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