Michael Gruber

Corvus Hbk 16.99

Released: 1st September 2010

Reviewer: Jack Claverley

Theo is the son and Sonia the mother. Their family roots lie in Pakistan but they are both Americanised, Theo as a soldier of sorts in the US military and his mother as a psychotherapist turned international peacemaker. Sonia is kidnapped on her way to a peace conference in Pakistan and Theo contrives to rescue her.

Adventuring is a family trait but is realised in different ways in the two characters. The reader is taken on a tour of their lives, from the forced separation which starts the story to the promised[?] reunion, reconciliation and revelation: because neither of them has the whole story.

This novel is written with a light touch, despite dark moments. It has a rhythm which makes it very readable. There are times at the beginning when it feels the reader is being spoon fed liberal American opinion, but this passes and perhaps is a necessary stepping stone to the more sophisticated and dramatic confrontations which render violence the inevitable destiny of the peoples portrayed.

To my mind the mother is the more interesting character, and braver than the son, but I suggest you read it and decide for yourselves.






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