New Blood From Orion Launch 13th January 2004
At Ottaker's Bookstore Putney

[Orion's New Blood Party 15th January Gallery]

alafair burke 1.jpg
Alafair Burke
alafair burke 2.jpg
Alafair Burke
alafair victoria denise.jpg
Alafair Burke, Victoria Blake & Denise Hamilton
ali karim and david corbett.jpg
Ali Karim and David Corbett
david corbett 1.jpg
David Corbett
david corbett 2.jpg
David Corbett
david corbett 3.jpg
David Corbett
david corbett 4.jpg
David Corbett
denise hamilton 1.jpg
Denise Hamilton
five of the new blood writers.jpg
Five Of The New Blood Writers
ottakars putney.jpg
Ottakars Putney
richard burke 1.jpg
Richard Burke
richard david alafair.jpg
Richard Burke, David Corbett & Alafair Burke
victoria blake 1.jpg
Victoria Blake
victoria blake 2.jpg
Victoria Blake