Written by Anna Smith

Review written by Kirstie Long

A fanatical book reader, Kirstie has works hard to fit the ‘evil day job’ of Financial regulation around her passion of writing, promoting writers of all genres and encouraging more people to read books. Kirstie is the News and Events Co-ordinator for Shots.

RRP: £12.99
Released: 13th February 2012
Trade Pbk

To Tell The Truth follows on from Anna Smith’s debut crime novel The Dead Wont Sleep and continues the story of Glaswegian reporter, Rosie Gilmour. I really enjoyed The Dead Wont Sleep and was not disappointed with To Tell The Truth, which displayed all the intensity, suspense and grit I expected.


This book commences with Rosie enjoying a break in Spain, after the traumatic events from the end of The Dead Wont Sleep, having spent more time at a desk than actively out investigating in recent months. Suddenly she is thrown back into the action when a British child is abducted from the beach and she goes to cover the story. Contacted by a young boy working in the sex trade, Rosie finds out that there are lies surrounding the circumstances and once she starts to investigate, far reaching consequences begin to unravel.


Spiralling through a plot based on the kidnapping of children for the sex trade by gangsters, is a depth of realism within the description of the investigation that takes place, by both the press and Police in such circumstances. This pragmatism is undoubtedly brought by the fact Anna Smith is an ex-reporter herself and clearly knows what she is talking about. You are continually left guessing whilst rapidly turning pages with alacrity, as the climax weaves us to a violent end, which is tinged with both a black humour and aptness that does not disappoint.


It was good to see some of the characters from The Dead Wont Sleep as well as some new ones, plus more about Rosie and her background is revealed, with an unexpected arrival of a family member. In my opinion, Anna Smith is one to watch as she brings suspense, realism and strength to strong plot lines that differ because they are based on the perspective of the press and not the Police or a PI, giving a different view. We have always known that what comes out in the Press during criminal investigations is limited and whilst I know that this situation has been exaggerated and changed into a story, be sure I will be asking Anna much more about her previous experiences when I next see her. To Tell The Truth is a good novel I would recommend to anyone.

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