Three Minutes to Midnight

Written by A J Tata

Review written by John Parker

John Parker is a Graduate-qualified English/Spanish Teacher, owner and director of CHAT ENGLISH, an English Language Centre in Avilés on the north coast of Spain . A voracious reader, he has particularly loved horror fiction for many years.

Three Minutes to Midnight
RRP: £17.40
Released: April 26 2016

The second novel about Jake Mahegan, Native American of Croatan Indian blood takes us into another insane plot to destroy the United States of America and the controversial world of fracking. We also see Jake out for vengeance again. In the first book he avenges his best friend, Sergeant Wesley Colgate; here he is out to avenge his mother’s death at the hands of a cruel man named James Gunther while Jake was just a teen. 

Jake is an ex-Delta Force officer that now works for the JOTC (Joint Special Operations Command). He finds himself looking for kidnapped Geologist and expert fracking engineer Maeve Cassidy who carries a guilty secret from her time on a classified mission in Afghanistan. Jake comes across many unsavoury characters during his mission which inevitably leads to a lot of violence and killing.

Following on from the first book, this continues in the same vein as a typical all-out thriller. Jake has a slight touch of mysticism as, although he is a sleek killing machine, he feels a bond with the land where he was born along with the indigenous wildlife. He has his tender side as well as proven by his relationship with pretty, petite Asian Grace Kagami, a forensic scientist that falls for our hero. However, as with Lindy Locklear in the previous book, there is more to Grace than meets the eye. Meanwhile the threats come from both homeland and the Far East.

This kind of actioner will undoubtedly have its fans but is seems very superficial almost like a Michael Bay action film [style over substance]. The villains are bad and the heroes are good. One can imagine Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the role of Jake. It is all quite entertaining yet somewhat insubstantial. However, I have no doubt that it will find its audience.



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