Written by J.D. Robb

Review written by Ayo Onatade

Ayo Onatade is an avid reader of crime and mystery fiction. She has been writing reviews, interviews and articles on the subject for the last 12 years; with an eclectic taste from historical to hardboiled, short stories and noir films

RRP: £16.99
Released: 17th Febraury 2011

Treachery in Death is the latest book in the brilliant ‘In Death’ series.  This time around it is the dependable Delia Peabody who overhears a rather incriminating conversation that starts the ball rolling in this intriguing and dangerous case.

After overhearing two cops arguing Peabody realises that they have been involved in a lot more than simple tampering with evidence.  It appears that there are rogue cops working out of Central, cops that have been involved in murder. As Peabody along with Eve Dallas and the rest of the team (which of course includes her billionaire husband Roarke) try to bring the dirty cops to justice it is clear that they will stop at nothing to achieve their aims and that includes murder!

The In Death series is always one that is worth spoiling oneself with and Treachery in Death is no exception. Eve and the team are always at their best when they have other cops to deal with and the lines that they have to consider crossing are constantly being blurred.  This time around having the added factor of dealing with cops that they consider to be colleagues as the wrong guys has given the story in my opinion an added buzz which never lets up.

I have to admit that I was rather disappointed with Indulgence in Death, however in Treachery in Death JD Robb once again shows us why she is the top of the league when it comes to futuristic police procedurals. There is also a lot of character progression in this book, which will no doubt be welcomed by her numerous readers and it will be interesting to see how these are dealt with in the long run.

Treachery in Death is a fast-paced page-turner that will leave you breathless and certainly wanting more. Welcome to the fascinating and tough world of Eve Dallas.



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