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Reviewed by John Orum

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For twleve years, Rachel Beckett has been imprisoned for the murder of her husband. But she was innocent, and now she wants revenge. Her former lover, her husbands' adopted brother was the real killer, and now he has everything she has lost, a position in the community, a family and friends. Her revenge will be to take them away from him, and to put him in gaol, to suffer as she has. . A young girl. a former prostitute is found murdered, someone Rachel knew in prison.The main suspect is her father, who hangs himself, before the police have a chance to prove his innocence. These are two strands that help weave a complex story of revenge and justice. In fact in this tale, the two are one and the same. There is a third strand. Each of the main characters is examined clinically by the narator. Not just their reactions to the crimes in question, but their lives and their pasts. It is almost as if it were a forensic examination of the crimes. This is not a weakness but a strength. A thoroughly gripping read. Recommended.

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