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Reviewed by Lizzie Hayes

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Cordy Sullivan is twelve years old and lives very much in the shadow of her elder sister Susan. During the school holidays, with her best friend Sandra on holiday, Cordy feels neglected and overlooked as her parents devote endless discussion and energy over Susan's decision to move into a flat with a friend in a nearby town. On a routine visit to the old abandoned Tyler house on the Yorkshire Moors, Cordy finds that new people have moved into the house. When she meets Fred and Fay Maitland, she is transported into a different world, a world where she is welcomed and wanted and important; And so Cordy wants to keep these people to herself. When one of Cordy's school friends disappears she seeks solace within the warmth and fun offered by Fay and Fred, with the added promise that their daughter Holly and son Edward, currently staying with an aunt until the house is ready, will soon be joining them. Although normally strict, Cordy's parents are so wrapped up in Susan, that their supervision of Cordy is patchy, and she enters into a secret with her friend Sandra. A secret that will have terrible consequences. Written in the first person from the view of a twelve year old, I found this book utterly fascinating. I admit that I was so spellbound by the fantasy that I missed many obvious clues that pointed to the solution, but maybe that is the strength of the true story teller.

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