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Ken Bruen

The DoNot Press £6.99

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Reviewed by Liz Hatherall

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This book has
an irritating style.
It drove me potty the first time but once you've got used to it - and tried reading the book a second time - it sort of makes sense and gives you a feel of the uncluttered, unemotional mind of our narrator. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Basic plot is newly-ex con, Mitchell, imprisoned for drunken gbh that he can't remember, trying to make a new life for himself on the straightish and narrowish. He is hampered by his 'friend' Billy, a loan shark, who expects certain favours in return for helping Mitchell re-establish himself. Mitchell in the meantime gets himself a legitimate job as handyman in the mansion of a 'resting' actress. The action picks up as we learn more about Mitchell's past life and get embroiled in his current one. And of course there's a twist at the end. I read this with horrified fascination as limbs are broken and blood spilt with a readiness that would put any hard-headed Mafioso to shame. There's sex, drugs, violence, all the right ingredients for a book which (possibly) lacks a plot. It is very readable, if you don't think too hard. I'm sure someone else will love it but it was a little too contrived and bully-boy tough for me.

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