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Reviewed by John Orum

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Will Benson, theatre critic for Theatre World is in trouble again. This time the trouble involves an old friend who has stolen a valuable Vermeer painting. The story actually begins in 1982, when Will, and a few friends get together to celebrate Midsummer night.There is Natasha, who wants to marry well; Nicholas, an art student; Trevor, who wants to join the church; Henry, the leader of their litle pack, and Henry's sister, Rose. They agree to meet again in 12 years time in the wood, but, for different reasons none turn up, except for Will. Four more years pass. Nicholas is dying from Aids; Will is separated from his wife, Kim; Trevor is now a vicar, natasha is an aristocrat, and Henry is on the run. Why has he stolen it? Who are the men hunting him? Who cares? I for one didn't. It was an effort to read, a second rate Simon Brett, with none of his wit.

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